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    Attracting new business to Lodi and the County, combined with my leadership skills are some of the key benefits that I would bring at a City Council member.

    Mike MicKnight for Lodi City Council

    Mike McKnight

    The Issues

    Homeless Response

    First and foremost on everyone’s mind is the issue of Homelessness. Many times I have been asked what is your plan. At the moment my plan is to get more involvement from the County and State.

    Public Safety

    Public Safety and Homelessness are two issues that are really interchangeable because they are so intrinsically connected. But that being said the issue of “Defunding the Police” is not an issue or option.

    COVID Response

    I, as a small business owner, was not happy with the response to the pandemic. We are going to be facing some serious budget shortfalls because of COVID. It will require some hard choices to be made.

    Economic Development

    Economic development in Lodi needs to improve. For many years, Lodi has been perceived as anti business and anti growth. Maybe to a certain extent that was true. However, Lodi needs higher paying jobs.

    My Supporters

    It takes a village to bring about change. I’m grateful for the supporters that share the same vision for Lodi’s District 5. Vote for me this November and let’s make a difference.

    Countdown to Election Day

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